Progress Of Building New Web Site

The Dutch Stables Website will be improved!          Date: 19-02-2018

All pictures we have are on the website now.  All the video clips of the shows we have organized will be very soon available again, see below.

We do apologize for the delay, but we are updating the Website now and will keep you up to date, please follow the progress below:

Update 18-05-2018: Difficult to explain, but due to our current business the whole project has had a delay. I am working on it again, found all the video’s and will publish soon

Update 21-10-2016:    Installed a new Video Gallery. All clips will be uploaded soon – 02/2018 NOT happy with the current one, will install  another plugin.

 Update 20-02-2014:  About us is live now. Here you will find important information about us and this website 

Update: 03-03-2014: Horse Agency is live now

Update 07-03-2014: Implemented a complete new environment. In fact it’s a major improvement in order to have the Web Site functioning as we would like it with more technical possibilities.

Update 08-03-2014: First test of Picture Gallery, some common pictures of a Saturday  morning lesson. Remarks: pictures should become full screen, working on that..

Update 12-03-2014:  Finished final layout for the Web Site

Update 17-03-2014:  Changed Layout, this one is more attractive. Also problems with full screen pictures. The good news is that I am starting now uploading all  the pictures we have. You can see them in Picture Gallery.

Update 18-03-2014: Uploaded 9 of 12 Galleries, you can view them now in Picture Gallery

Update 19-03-2014: All 884 pictures uploaded. Next step will be the Video Clips.

Please don’t border about the top layout of the pages. This  will be changed later on.

Update 23-03-2014:  Finished updates and repairs ‘behind the screen’

Update 31-03-2014: Video player added. The contents are examples and will be replaced by our own videos. 

Update 30-04-2014: Sorry, was busy building other websites, will continue soon

We are working hard to get everything implemented as soon as possible, but I have to do it in my spare hours.

Any questions/remarks? Please contact us: or call Heleen on 07761-208876